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Panagiotis Vassiliadis was born in Athens.
He started by learning the art of CHANG CHUAN KUNG FU (LONG FIST) starting in 1984 till 1989 with Dimitris Vlahos as his teacher, while from 1988 till 1992 he also started learning  OKINAWA KARATE  with Vasilis Zahopoulos. In 1989 and up to 1994 he was trained in YING JOW PAI KUNG FU (EAGLE CLAW) by Panagiotis Apotsos. He continued his training from 1997 till 2007 by learning TAI CHI CHUAN with his teacher Kostas Kostaras. In 2007 he was introduced to the art of WSL Ving Tsun Kung – Fuwhich was taught by Evagelos Zitakis, a unique man and a real phenomenon in the martial arts. Today he is a member of the greek federation of Ving Tsun and Tactical Hellas, two very different systems that if put together create an explosive combination.
His ultimate goal is to spread the art.